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I studied Business Informatics in German in Marmara University. My bachelor was a mix of business and IT, just like its name. During the last year I was an Offer and Order Management intern in Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş for a year. It was a great experience but after meeting blockchain technology, I changed my direction to it. It was kind of a hobby for me, I was reading whitepapers in my free time. I decided to write my bachelor's thesis about blockchain technology. Then the next decision was being a blockchain developer.

So I started my software career as a junior blockchain developer. I learned a lot about the blockchain industry and blockchain technologies. After 2 years of blockchain experience I changed my direction to Java backend technologies, because I wanted to be a better software developer.​ I like learning new stuff.

  • Java, SpringBoot, Hibernate, JPA for backend development

  • Go for Hyperledger Fabric chaincode and backend development

  • Solidity for Ethereum and Quorum/Hyperledger Besu smart contract development

  • JavaScript and again Java for interacting with Ethereum Web3 libraries

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